Platform: Our platform is simple - The removal of trump from office .... Nothing less !!!


United By A Common Goal


The " common goal " we speak of, already articulated earlier on this site, is: THE  REMOVAL  OF  trump FROM OFFICE ... again, by whatever LEGAL means open to the citizens of this country !

Many of the people who will, or who have already, joined this group, will be  or are, individuals who have already been " at the mic " .... speaking out, or otherwise, sharing their views on the damage trump has already done to OUR country !  HOWEVER.... this group is being formed, because blogging, newspaper editorials, and  other social media .... IS  NOT  ENOUGH !!  

Get Involved


YOUR  INVOLVEMENT,  assures this will be AN  ACTION GROUP !!!               

                                                                                                                                                                       " Well, i am a Veteran", or " Well, i am the spouse of a Veteran " .... or....  " I have a good  buddy who is a Veteran " ..... " so why single ME out ? "    

BECAUSE... you ARE a Vet.... or are a family member or friend of a Vet !  As such, you already KNOW what it is to offer service to your country, by active duty, or by waiting patiently at home for " YOUR VET " to return !   So..... YES.....because you know how to serve, AND HAVE DONE SO IN THE PAST..... we call upon that sense of duty to country..... to "serve" again !     At this point of time in history,  it appears that, given the damage already done, the REMOVAL  OF  trump  FROM  OFFICE ... IS  SEEN  BY  THIS  GROUP  AS  A GREAT and   VITAL  SERVICE   TO  OUR  COUNTRY !


   NOTE:  Currently,  your " contribution " in order to accomplish our goal, will be that of TIME and EFFORT !   To that end.... the " donate now " button, for finances,  IS NOT NEEDED, at this time !  As we grow,  this may be an issue to revisit !    However, for now.... NO  FINANCIAL  DONATIONS REQUIRED !   

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